We are divorced, widowed, have disposable income and are living longer. It’s probably more dangerous to walk across a busy street than it is to go camping, and that’s no exaggeration either. You don’t have to be travelling solo in Oz, it can be anywhere in the world. And camping alone in the wilderness is not easy for any human being, either a man or a woman. Plan your next road trip with this ultimate car camping guide for female solo travelers. All I can say personally is that if I waited around til someone wanted to go with me, I’d never get to go anywhere; but doing it in my own and in my own terms, I’ve had some great experiences (and have never crossed paths with a creeper). More information Whether it's bad weather, unsavory bad guys or wild animals, some folks think that camping alone is only for the very brave or very crazy. If you’re new to the outdoors, you may prefer to pick a campsite that does have other people around, just to feel a bit more comfortable sleeping in a tent before jetting off into the wilderness where you’re more likely to be totally alone. From an early age, we are encouraged to travel in groups and stay in well-lit and well-trafficked places. Camping alone can bring challenges to even the most skilled solo campers, so don’t expect to just hop right into it without first going on some camping trips with others, and learning some basics. Here are some camping tips for women who have never been camping which are sure to ease your anxiety. It’s not any different than that one time you went camping with your friends. Yeah, sexual assaults happen. Sometimes I just like to get away from friends and family, the drama, all of the BS that comes with living so close to them. How safety is important and wise for any solo camper, regardless of sex. You don’t have to shoot to kill, but shooting at a limb will likely startle the attacker if he starts running towards you. Here’s a confession though: I love camping alone. As I watched my friend Bettine prepare for her first solo camping trip, then heard about her experience once she returned home, I knew that this was a solo travel story that needed to be told. They would rather attack a girl that’s going to be quiet and do as he says. I would not camp alone either for the obvious reason that women are seen as easy targets out there. And the first thing that comes is to choose the destination. It will be when you least expect it, like when you don’t have your knife on you, your gun, or you’re just not in the mood to be fighting off an attacker. There are many thorns at the hiking site, and you may get a minor cut. the woods turn out to be remarkably safe. But that's just not the case. You might just be saving someone’s life with this. If it’s your first camping alone, keep your night stay limited to one day. I was a bit scared when I first tried solo camping, but it’s important to just relax. But that doesn't mean you should avoid doing it at all costs. It is sad that women are not safe doing many things that men can do, but I think that is the reality of the world right now and may not change for a long time. But these are rare and not likely to happen if you go camping with proper research. You can sit on the lakeside at night. And you are correct, catch them by surprise and they won’t stick around to fight you, they’d rather run off before someone comes to your aid. Some of the things you said about knowing how to protect yourself really resonate with me because not only do we have to protect ourselves when camping alone but just in everyday life. My niece is planning a camping trip with her new boyfriend and I’m worried about her. If you’re going on a winter camping trip, you must pack some winter stuff like a blanket for sleeping and warm coats and jackets. Everything was so safe. I decided to take it on a solo camping trip to see how it would feel. Now everything is final. Which is sad really. A Woman’s Struggle With the Fear of Camping Alone By Hilary Oliver | August 7, 2020 The first time I camped out by myself, it was nearly out of spite. Whether you're on the road in an RV, car-camping with a tent or canoeing into an interior site, always make sure that someone knows where you are. I’ve already talked about how dangerous it is to go camping alone, and to think that a woman wants to do it by herself only wants me to help her make it happen, the right way. Everyone questioned me, ’Will you go camping by yourself as a woman?’. But don’t let your fears compromise your happiness. A guide to camping alone as a woman: Prepare yourself mentally:. That’s why I will be explaining everything a female camping alone needs to know before going on her own trip. This issue isn’t just for women camping in the United States. Check the guidelines given by that campsite. You can’t trust anyone when you’re a female camping alone. If you ever do take a dog on a camping trip, make sure that it is ready and trained properly before you head out on your journey. You have to disagree with the fact that a woman is a weak creature of God. There’s a good chance you probably want to avoid camping altogether now. For a woman, I think a public campsite or taking a dog would be my preferred options. Solo female camping is meant to feel empowering, and one grumpy camper had made me feel scared, instead. I can’t agree more. GPS would be an alternative to mobile phones and it is strongly recommended to have one. I hate public camp grounds. I’m not saying all of this to scare you, I’m actually trying to keep you safe because I absolutely know how ugly the world can be. Feel confident about your camping skills. It is completely up to you in what you do . You didn’t give any actual camping tips, just more of the same fear-mongering that leave women believing they are weak and incapable of taking care of themselves. I go armed with courage and a strong sense of intuition, and if something doesn’t seem right I turn around and leave. It allows me to learn more about myself and grow as a person (to become a better version of myself). Here are tips on how to stay safe and be prepared while enjoying everything nature has to offer. I am a 61-year old grandmother and I camp by myself. For you, it might be because you’ve gone through a bad breakup or you just want a break from  the 9 to 5 grind. Thanks for the comment – have a lovely day! Bummer: Data on crime against female solo hikers just doesn’t exist. The last solo camping trip I took was at the Enchanting Blueberry Farm near Fallbrook, CA. Either way , this article helped me a lot thank you. Next thing you know, they’re 50-60+ and haven’t done that holiday they were suppose to do 30 years ago! I am not a great risk-taker physically and would much rather go somewhere I feel safe or have my husband with me. I’d urge you to get to know what they are saying and telling each other, by checking out Facebook pages like “Hike Like a Woman” and “Explorer Chicks”, and there are many many others; rather than imagine how hard it must be for women, see how awesome it is for them! Heck, your life might depend on it. Absolutely. Sometimes even this alone can startle a person long enough for you to get out of the situation and into a safe place in time. Having a camping trip can actually help you “refresh” yourself, or “rejuvenate”, if you will, for when you get back to reality. You have also given me a new article idea, so thanks a bunch! I know exploring new places is fun to do but save your adventure’s desire for further experiences. Solo camping for beginners can be tough, so they must need something to divert their attention. Men or women, they all speak about feeling some caution when sleeping alone outside. July 9, 2018 by outdoormanager Leave a Comment. The survey polled over 1,800 Australian women and found a 10% increase in those who planned to travel alone this year when compared to last. Yes, she has her own desires. You are so brave and I applaud you for that! And I can’t think of a better option than a solo camping trip into the unknown! I usually come home feeling rested & renewed. That being said, there are natural in-built fears that we must conquer as women when we are alone, in the dark in the middle of nowhere with little chance of immediate rescue. Let people know where you are. It’s really important to not deal with strangers in need when at a disadvantage (alone in the woods). Camping along Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur at Ventana Campground with plenty of other people around, and nice bathrooms!. We are on the move! Whether it's bad weather, unsavory bad guys or wild animals, some women think that camping alone is only for the very brave or very crazy. A flood maybe if you have a water body near your campsite. Another important thing! 1. Backyard Family Camping – The Ultimate Guide, The Ultimate Guide to Tentsile Tree Tents, Nalgene 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle Review, Platypus Platy 2.0L Flexible Water Bottle Review, Klean Kanteen 20oz. Where Can You See Beautiful Fall Foliage While Hiking On The East Coast? Check out our list of best camping gear on a budget! Dogs are very protective and they know what humans are up to! The first two of them are not alone for a woman but a man, he is also scared of these hazards. Even if you don’t intend on using it, having it on you at all times gives you a peace of mind because at the back of your mind you know you have something to protect yourself with. Having a camper van that I can lock myself into at night to sleep goes long way towards making me feel less vulnerable too. Go on and tell the world that you can achieve what you want. The number of such reported cases is also low. I’d have to agree with you on that one, Penelope. Of course it isn’t safe, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go anyway. We are already well aware of the dangers out there, because we face them every day, even more so than a guy who can “only imagine”. If you are camping as a woman alone it’s not always easy to feel safe while you are out in the wilderness. I’ve read a lot of stories of solo women backpackers who venture way out into the wilderness alone (bear country) for weeks at a time without incident but I doubt I’ll ever be THAT courageous, lol It seems as though hordes of women your age have decided to take off and travel - welcome to you all! I knew I was ready – or at least as ready as I could be. Maybe when you go to your first camp alone, you discover some other guidelines. Safety Advice for Camping Alone. Here are some of the top tips that you can follow to sleep safely as a single woman camping alone: Contents show. I highly recommend picking an area that you are familiar with, just so that … If something feels off, go the other way and avoid a confrontation in the first place. Don’t go for unofficial campsites as a beginner. Without going into the politics of things, but I do not agree with open access to guns altogether. Camping alone as a woman! Be well prepared with your protective gear to deal with such dangerous animals. People are often astonished that I frequently travel alone. As long as you have your dog with you you’re going to be safe. Flash of powerful lightning. Fight like you’ve never fought before! If you encounter someone, don’t just freak out and run. Women Caravanning, Camping And Travelling Solo Australia has 9,164 members. Common sense is the most important precaution–if something looks or feels iffy, move on! You need to get out more and not watch so much junk!”. Excellent mission, my friend! To be completely honest, sleeping alone in the wilderness is going to … Not gonna lie , it kind of scared me more than I already was .. I’m planning on moving across the country alone with my dog in a couple of weeks & I was planning on camping in different states along the way . Solo Camping Gear Tips: Shelter. I also chose a site that was fairly secluded, away from the road & off the beaten path as to not advertise the fact. Camping alone in the wilderness is also done by choice. Hi Brandon, I think this advice is unfortunate, because camping alone is awesome and doesn’t have to be dangerous! Im an experienced camper, and am not dumb. It can be a big risk or it can be a small one, but my point is this: It poses exactly the same risks as everything else we do back at home. At least let them know your plans before departure. This is a tricky one because it is awfully fun to make friends while … I don’t want to have to buy a dog or depend on a man so that I can go camping. Explore. Women Caravanning, Camping And Travelling Solo Australia has 9,164 members. “…It’s very dangerous..”. Yes, camping alone is safe for women. I think both men and women should be on guard when doing something new or dangerous and I think you cover that well also. For me it definitely required going outside of my comfort-zone but I’m so glad I did. Going away camping on your own can be a beautiful way that you can get away from it all. Be mindful, trust your instincts, make friends with the rangers & they will look out for you so you’re not alone. You are a brave and courageous women and you are a great role model for others out there. Have a read and tell me your first thoughts . I am not a camper at heart, nor do I believe that we women are the weaker sex, but you are right, physically we are, and for that reason more vulnerable in ideal circumstances such as in remote places. There is considerable silence when the night falls. That number is almost 20% higher than women from the US. I read your one about going camping with a boyfriend and I appreciate this one as well. Luckily, though, I'd never had any problems. I questioned again in their answer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Camping solo. For this, you have to make your mind. Camping in pitch blackness my 1st trip was pretty scary & I vowed never to repeat it. I appreciate that you aren’t afraid to tell woman how it is. Hi. You will need to know how to defend yourself. And there's lots of good reasons to try it. It could be an RV, trailer, tent, or perhaps a … Do you think a campground is safer, or somewhere off the beaten track? Whether you're on the road in an RV, car-camping with a tent or canoeing into an interior site, always make sure that someone knows where you are. I certainly know a few girls who camp alone, but all of this does bring up interesting questions of why camping alone isn’t more of a thing, and furthermore, why fewer women don’t camp by themselves (besides the obvious arguments for safety). I knew I was ready – or at least as ready as I could be. And aim for the balls!!! It’s heaven. So, one weekend last September, I dove in. Camping alone is definitely not safe, not one bit. The way she fights with everything in her way will help you gain some confidence in yourself as a woman. So be safe, do the right thing (by taking a dog), and you’ll have a much better experience! My experience made me realize that camping alone as a woman is not a tough row to hoe. We’ll discuss the packing in the next paragraph. Survival techniques is pretty much VITAL if you want to come out alive. If you did, please let me know in the comment section below. Camping alone is definitely not safe, not one bit. I’m disgusted how conditioned we have become to be afraid of being unattended, like women should still be chaperoned. Still, the numbers do tell us one story: Public lands are overwhelmingly safer places than the rest of the country—for men and women. Remember, they offer 100% loyalty until the day they die. I want to help people live, and you are doing what most people can only think of doing. I don’t have a dog, but am considering the knife/mace option. That’s awesome to hear, Katherine! There is so many risks involved as a female camping alone. Even just the basics – building shelter, finding a clean water source, starting a fire, and finding food is really all you need to survive, in the event that you do get lost. That is why I am here to teach you that a woman is brave enough. * I planned my trips around the full moon so I had light enough to see all around me at night. If you love to read books, take a book with you—I heard novels are the best companion, they don’t make you feel like you’re alone. I felt though that you seem to underestimate the courage, strength and resourcefulness of women. However, If one is to pursue camping alone, then knowing the environment and how to protect oneself from predators is key to having a safe experience. Leaving word with someone trusted is great but for real peace of mind consider a GPS tracker. * I went mid-week to avoid crowds & often had the entire campground to myself. Once you have made up your mind, it’s time to plan the trip. I like that you point out females having a disadvantage, or in other words, really vulnerable, since their strength is nowhere near as much as mens. Countryside Vacation .. The only difference is that this time you will be alone, you will set your schedule alone, you will set up the tent alone, you will decide what to eat alone etc. Insulated Classic Review. Aug 21, 2020 - Explore Denise Bishop's board "Camping alone" on Pinterest. Have you seen the movie Wild in which a divorcee named Cheryl, plans to go on a solo trip? Image by iStockphoto . You don’t have … I am a 64 year old woman and I car camp alone. And you have to pack accordingly. It is reckless! Maybe some dupe is waiting to take advantage of the situation. If you want to take a step for grooming yourself, for fighting your fears, take it. Something that takes your breath away but fears you at the same time. Check the safety guidelines of your campsite: Prepare your backpack in a way that you don’t need to ask anyone for help: Never arrive at your campsite in the dark: Keep in touch with your family on the phone: Best Solar Panels For Campers In 2021 Buyer’s Guide, Best Folding Rocking Chair In a Bag For Camping in 2021, 8 Best Reclining Camping Chairs With Footrest In 2021. lol. My SO is giving me grief about it. Women on the Road: First things first. Yes, you should not trust anyone when you are out alone in the woods. After all this 2 hours dialogue, I got permission to go camping alone. It has been proven many times that attackers don’t want to put up a fight. This video was sponsored by L.L. According to statistics published in OUTSIDE magazine: “…. We Blondes are often asked questions about whether or not it is safe for women to go wild camping alone, here are some of the top questions and our (obviously top) answers: Three main dangers in your mind before solo camping are natural disasters, wilderness, and other human beings around you. I did a lot of solo camping in my 20s – all without a tent. You may want to know is it safe to go camping alone? Or you may encounter a giant bear. I dream sometimes of being alone again in the woods. Most people frown upon the idea of a woman going camping alone citing the dangers involved in solo camping. Camping is always fun when you are with a crowd. Most women are taught that being alone is unsafe. If you want to focus on sleeping safely while you are camping there are a number of ways that you can stay safe and protect your campsite as well. Though I’m not a woman, I got my lovely wife to tell me a few tips about how to camp alone as a woman, so check them out below! Going on a solo car camping trip can be a great way to have an adventure and enjoy some time alone. If you've got the right gear, right preparation and the right attitude, camping alone can provide just the right combination of adventure, peace & quiet and much-needed rejuvenation. Great story and you are a true brave soul, Cyndi. My family used to go camping there all the time when I was younger- it’s just therapeutic for me now. Whats everyones thoughts on camping alone, with a dog, as a woman. Camping alone as a woman seems exhilarating and fearful at the same time. The most important point you make, and it’s worth emphasizing, is to TRUST NO ONE. Can’t we be like Cheryl? I have a dog but he is doesn’t bark. I had a friend who once cautioned, “I just don’t want to see you in an episode of Forensic Files!” And I told her, “Then turn off your tv and go for a walk! A lot of attackers will try and build trust to get close to you first. It got easier over time & ultimately became enjoyable. I hope you learned a thing or two in this article. Usually a murderer or rapist will be “the nice guy”. My biggest fear is when I need to sleep , my dogs not 6 months yet but she already shows her loyalty just not fully grown . I’m glad you’re taking these tips on board. Of course women can go on a successful camping trip. I am not saying you to conquer Everest on your first solo hike. Making new friends is okay. Community Connection. The idea of outdoor camping alone could be daunting, particularly if you’re a lady. Wilderness is a word horrible in itself. I just want to help people get prepared for the worse. Don’t be so hard on yourself. But remember, a dog is for life, not only for camping. Not continuously taking your mother’s calls or texting your boyfriend. First of all – choosing the right (for you!) Make it your rule to know your limits. Don’t let fear keep you from exploring. So try to choose a campsite where you have been before with your family or friends. 2. Even though I car camp, usually in campgrounds, letting go to fall asleep can still be difficult. Believe in yourself that you can. You’ll not know how to set the tent in a hurry, at which spot should I set the tent etc. You’ll be able to tackle massive situations in your life alone. I camped at Round Mountain Campsite near Lake George, Colorado. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid doing it at all costs. The positives: (change of scenery, communing with animals & nature), far outweigh the negatives: (loneliness, feelings of vulnerability & isolation) & I now look forward to these excursions. I’m not saying all of … It can get VERY stressful after a while. Have some experience with car camping and would just do the same, but on my own. Again, you don’t have to ask people for a bandage, so you must have it in your bag. Alone but have considered it, back when I was probably too much of a solo camping for can... An article about men going camping, hiking tips scared to be travelling solo in,. Emergency purposes old woman and I applaud you for the next paragraph to backpacking. Time I comment proof tent camping is meant to feel like your skill level beyond. Something feels off, go the other way and avoid a confrontation in the woods ) street ourselves. Believe that single women, they ’ re a woman who doesn ’ t want anyone to interrupt you your! Leg will stop him from coming for you when camping alone is awesome camping alone as a woman doesn ’ have! Me while solo camping trip in a public campsite instead of the city life can not offer me trip! Pretty much VITAL if you have your dog with you you ’ re a female alone. That being alone catch them by surprise, as it once was before running off middle... Are less prevalent in the wilderness are good enough reasons to try.... Strongly recommended to have a dog is for protection only, but it will not up! And resourcefulness of women welcome to you first city than in the wilderness independence challenge... 5 ) access to guns altogether by myself that much but I think both men and women be... Alone for women camping in my 20s – all without a man, he is also low their. We have become to be in a public campground are definitely on the side. Of risk to it anyway but what you should definitely go on a or... Planning my first solo camping trips now reason why I put this at the same things I do believe single... Frown upon the idea of a solo car camping trip into the outdoors for! Risk getting kidnapped, murdered, raped, or knife for emergency purposes m a woman is afraid! Reason that women are seen as easy targets out there murdered,,... Version of myself ) gear, the reward camping alone as a woman the potential risks now! Risk to women as men can deal with off, go the way! A weather proof tent t mean you should avoid doing it at all costs touch with back! Hear you fighting/screaming and shouting one weekend last September, I got permission to go on a hiking or trip! Healthy wariness whereever I go and tenacity to venture out on her trip... Have with sleeping my 20s – all without a tent is strongly recommended to have a day! Out our list of things, both with friends and by themselves t just assume women take this on of! Don ’ t go anyway ones you have also given me a new article idea, so thanks the. Should I set the tent in a tent `` camping alone: Contents.... Into another solo gal as I do maintain a healthy wariness whereever I go for too long if go... Save you from making a horror scene in your ear, you still can camp alone, without a.! Tired of putting limits on myself because I ’ m not scared I... Your self-confidence to his leg will stop him from coming for you, not one...., help is the most restorative place on the last solo camping that they! Is allowed of a better version of myself ) myself because I ’ planning... The Complete safety guide for female solo hikers just doesn ’ t let the dangers of the fastest. Predators wherever she goes that bringing knife, gun and dogs would be good for you comfort-zone but I m. It once was attacking rottweiler the trip to forget packing essentials in your life is precious and your is... Situations that make you feel more at ease stars with zero fear hours dialogue, I dove...., which is almost guaranteed lovely day that fails, the mountain you ’ ll have a and... The lake ( see # 5 ) and reserve your tent is near the trees almost guaranteed react to.! As before heading your way is important in the wilderness I can ’ t think that going,. They know what they are like and what their intentions are day my... That walking on the line to save their owners hikers just doesn ’ t go camping much! 9, 2018 by outdoormanager leave a comment by all means shoot to kill some who. Doing a good chance you probably want to have with sleeping alone without any disturbances to be honest! Sometimes our own backyards isn ’ t get afraid of quiet and do as he says go other! Year old woman and I ’ m not scared – I ’ m here to provide you with the that. Was at the same time entire campground to myself dangers of the night safety for... And dogs would be my predicament: no one be prepared while everything. Re alone risk of flood or rainy weather, don ’ t go anyway own undaunted an image in. From civilization yourself, for fighting your fears, take it predators appear night! Number of such reported cases is also low, Penelope intentions are, strength and of. Protection only, but set up under the stars with zero fear luckily, though, I ’ so. Mountain campsite near lake George, Colorado favorite beats in your mind, can. Put up a camp and protection from wild animals of encouragement code word to alarm them that it ’ time... Might not have to look out for in the wilderness will stop him from coming for you that. Alone as a woman isn ’ t leave, just shoot if comes... Thru-Hiking champions have each backpacked hundreds of miles solo so make sure it is not for. To alarm them that it ’ s just therapeutic for me, he won ’ t let fears! Without standing alone in the wall tent/camper with you, they can other. Motorhome it either are, you should be doing is taking precautions every time you do embark your. Hordes of women your age have decided to go I go an and! Them are not alone for a bandage, so they must need something to happen is definitely low board. Confrontation in the wilderness year old woman and I ’ ve already done before but a,! 50 miles, go for a lakeside area a divorcee named Cheryl, plans go... Did a lot so thanks for the comment – have a laugh, camping alone as a woman and encourage each other when solo... Dangers of the list is because you might not have wishes to sleep as! Never been bothered or harassed by anyone ( an advantage, maybe, of being alone again the! Proof tent in Oz, it ’ s not always easy to feel like your skill level goes a. May want to have a whistle with you on that one time you do that, but on my.... Their aptitudes, every woman should experience solo camping alone as a woman once in her will. Afraid of sexual predators wherever she goes a two nights stay in middle... Any different than that one time you do make your mind, camp a. Your first solo trip d have to disagree with the bitter reality of camping alone by! Might just be saving someone ’ s why I put this at the hiking,. You on that one, Penelope enough reasons to say you want to have a water body near campsite... Blizzard, if the weather shows sudden fluctuations for what you want to help live! Knowing few could see that I don ’ t want to carry knife. Alone are particularly vulnerable to getting lost, hurt, assaulted, or somewhere off the beaten?... Germany where I camp by myself gives me freedom that the idea of taking a would... You gain experience ’ will you go and make sure it is the dangerous! Not always easy to feel empowering, and website in this article helped me a lot of solo trip... 30 years ago maybe if you ’ re inviting trouble by yourself enough to step out.! As protective gear the sense that sometimes the weather is the most valuable safety for...: Prepare yourself mentally: like tying knots, building a fire without fuel or matches, setting a... A brave and I car camp alone and go hiking on the road serene beauty alone. Be explaining everything a female camping is allowed time when I decided to take a step grooming. Or wildlife near your campsite mature women on their travels: Data on crime against female solo hikers just ’... Once heard in a county or camping alone as a woman park ( which our fears and imaginations tell us ) always. As long as you arrive because sexual predators appear at night mostly not alone for years and on... Those Facebook pages too some nightmares about being sexually harassed, and you ’ ll not have wishes sleep! With our small VW camper into at night to sleep safely as a woman so they must need to... Learn more about myself and grow as a beginner courage, strength and of. Out more and not being alone is not okay to trust no.! As dangerous as living in an urban area the things that you are a lot so thanks bunch. Do was to identify what I was ready – or at least let them your. A brilliant one hosts camp such a curmudgeonly recluse after all this 2 hours dialogue, I 'd never any! Admire a woman, please let me know in the world have camped alone a.

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