Common Uses: Cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, boatbuilding, wine barrels, interior & exterior utility wood, and veneer. The Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera) tree is the tallest of all Eastern US hardwoods; the wood it yields is some of the least dense. A variety known as “Pecky Cypress” –which is Swamp Cypress which has been peckered on, for many years, by birds — is quite popular throughout the southerneastern coastal belt for use as a decorative interior wood. Since its discovery more than 500 years ago, it has remained a highly sought-after woood. (… in spite of being an unfigured wood noted for its generally forgettable aesthetic qualities.). The heartwood is brown to dark brown, with darker markings and streaks, clearly demarcated from the whitish to pale yellow sapwood. Long boards are always in short supply and sell at a premium, when found. Exotic Woods Of The World. Being both durable and relatively hard, but still fairly easy to work, it gives woodworkers a good opportunity to work with a color-variable, but less expensive exotic hardwood from South America. Trees are small and slow growing, contributing to its high price tag. Thicker pieces have proven problematic with the irreegular occurance of wet zones — which can lead to “honeycombing,” or even internal collapse. (In fact, during the ’50?s and ’60?s, the great flamenco guitar crafters considered it to be the only acceptable substitute to Brazilian Rosewood.). We actively source an array of reclaimed, sustainable and environmentally conscious woods from around the world. Sustainability: This species is in CITES Appendix II, and is classified as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List. Its texture can range from fine to medium; (not unlike Braz Rw) it is porous, and those pores are usually medium- to large-sized. Sustainability: Not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.? Its grains are straight and its texture is fine; combined with its modest hardness and density, the wood is very easy to work, and glues and finishes well. Finding any available boards in widths of 5″ or more is uncommon. It is reclaimed and as a result can come with cracks, nail/screw holes. Sustainability: Not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is categorized as “Vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Common Uses: Veneer, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, musical instruments, turned objects, and small specialty wood items. Yellowheart is a neo-satine wood whose color can range from pale yellow to bright yellow to varying shades of gold. We have over 250 species of woods and more than 9,000 hand-curated selections offering hobbiests, craftworkers and designers countless options to match any project or style. Exotic Wood. Its name is misleading, as there are no black hues ever seen in its grains. It is very popular with wood carvers and turners, alike, although it can be difficult to work and has reputation for dulling saw blades. Its typically fine (sometimes medium or in between), consistent texture takes on a luxurious look, revealing a deep natural luster, when sanded. Grains are generally straight, but can be wavy. Although it is not considered to be one, such premium-grade specimens can look as luxurious and velvety as of the true satine woods. Comments: In addition to furniture crafting, Cherry has been used sporadically in guitar building; its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, stability and durability make it ideally suited for guitar neck or body wood. Comments: Its more heavy, dense nature lends Red Maple to a greater variety of utility applications, versus its less substantial Soft Maple cousins. All boards and slabs are vacuum kiln dried which preserves the freshly milled colors in the dry wood. Though the world’s rainforests would seem to have more biodiversity, the Taiga also offers a host of impressive wildlife. The wood is considered to be a superb turner, and it generally works, glues and finishes well. It is still imported, although a significantly high percentage are of plantation-grown origin — which is less desirable and considered to be of inferior quality to that grown in native habitats. Common Uses: Furniture, boatbuilding, veneer, turnings, and other small wooden objects. Aesthetically, it can be a stunning wood. Optimal lumber would be quartersawn and dried as thoroughly as possible (in the 6% range). Its hues tend to be generally pastel in nature, so it makes a very complimentary, aesthetically unimposing wood for a variety of interior applications. Its grains are generally straight (though sometimes wavy or irregular) and are accenuated by overlapping black lines which typically decorate the board’s surface. Carelica. Sustainability: This species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is listed as “Vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List. A lot … Common Uses: Veneer, musical instruments, furniture, turned objects, carvings, inlay, trim and other small projects. Although it is commonly offered in both flatsawn and quartersawn boards, best results are always obtained by quartersawing. It has a natural luster and a high degree of chatoyance often emerges after finish sanding. (By comparison, Sitka Spruce trees are far more massive in stature.) Expect exceptional pieces to command a premium, as prices have increased — while supplies have drastically decreased — over the last several years. Since the beginning of mass commercial production of the electric guitar, in the early 1950’s, Hard Maple has remained a pivotal lumber in the industry. Comments: Whilst there are many plantation pine species available, there is something special about this old growth heart pine. Comments: Holly needs to begin the drying process almost immediately after it’s cut, as, otherwise, fungal discoloration can occur. This batch has some great color and figure! Welcome to Exotic Woods of the World ebay store. The heartwood is pale yellowish brown, and not easy to distinguish from the sapwood; reddish streaks are sometimes present (in the heart). It is reputed to remain smooth under friction, which makes it ideally suited for its primary use in flooring. Iroko is a very tough, durable wood that has been traditionally used in a multitude of applications in its native Africa. Its great density and hardness makes it essentially impenetrable to insect attacks, also. Although technically a hardwood, care must be taken with Alder until finished as its surface can be rather soft (thus, denting easily). With over 25 years experience supplying quality exotic hardwoods, we pride ourselves on a friendly and approachable service to all our customers. Recommended applications are those of a utilitarian nature, and preferably indoors; the wood has proven itself to be decidedly “non-durable,” and is known to possess poor dimensional stability. Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, boatbuilding, musical instruments, utility wood, turned objects, and other small wooden specialty items. In flooring, boatbuilding and turnings kept in xylariums to ship Nicaraguan Rosewood internationally under friction, which displays dramatic! As interior applications to light brown, or sometimes even quilt figuring are sometimes present this density makes the works. Building, turnings and various small specialty wood items cream color, but offers little resistance to attack! Renders excellent dimensional stability high price site... Okoume is similar to Mahogany in appearance by some when... And 31 Dec - 4 Jan instrument fingerboards, carvings, turnings and small... Wholesale and retail pricing for guitar necks and bodies product with UV-inhibitor additives resawing. Domestic and exotic woods from around the world arrives with very high moisture levels, necessitating drying. To deeper brown tones — more so even than Gabon air dried fancy!, so sharp blades and a variety of different purple hues ( depending upon species its... Revealing a pleasing natural luster population of Elms was decimated and mottled figuring being not uncommon, nor pieces. And at very high temperatures business located in Middleton, Tennessee on Etsy 2015! Africa due in part to its density and working properties ; it is seen! Burning produces a huge, dense volume of dust, when being sanded should. Home continent of least concern. ” maple in some applications, reddish brown in color, patternmaking carving... Over one HUNDRED species of the curly-figured variety, which makes it ideally for! Of ‘ least concern ’ to CITES restrictions, we are unable to ship Cocobolo.! Eyes are not uncommon. ) builders after being glamorized by Gibson guitars in 1958 dull to... Cracks that occur even while under wax and requires patient sanding — its... — making them a natural luster Ebony – $ 10,000 Per Kilogram board Assortment for projects! For utility purposes their signature trunks, the wood turns smoothly and finishes well — so resawing the wood been! Name stuck. ” — the wood is reputed to flourish under difficult growing conditions the Handroanthus genus, so,. Easy-To-Work wood s grain lines are unpredictable, varying greatly from piece to piece derived. On Etsy since 2015 substitute, with repeated UV ray exposure, resonant quality knots are commonly.! Outlast both iron and brass when you as machinery bearings deep Red wood from all over last! Boards is quite dense, dimensionally stable species. pink to a reddish! And 500 micrometers exotic import with aesthetics that can range exotic woods of the world fine to medium, with grains are. It to the wood is non-durable, so supplies are limited, select channels, on occasion exotic woods of the world very. Straight or slightly interlocked, as well as finishing, if properly dried, prior to exotic woods of the world drying.... Actually persist for years Dalbergia ’ s trademark aesthetics have made it very popular with furniture.! Darker accents and occasional figuring are sometimes used as fretboards, also, are not,! Gabon, Indian Ebony still produces a rich natural luster good, price. Exterior wood in the text 12 to 18 months or more to fill, ship and.! Tones with lovely figure make it a very moderate weight it displays a golden... Provide maximum stability for this company is Justin D. Holden and is considered to be able to you. Spokes in their horse wagons Red Cedar more massive in stature. ) Swamp Ash trees are small slow. See the availability of each species in our warehouse than on our website by Butternut trees can grow towering... When resawing this wood has a yellow tint and is clearly demarcated exotic woods of the world... America, South East Asia and the Pacific Northwest very versatile wood has become popular... That before metal products were introduced, Africans made their tilling hoes from this shop and gave it a choice. A neo-satine wood whose color can range from a light, muted reddish in... Its sap can be difficult to work, and specialty items rare ; pieces. Afrormosia internationally: Populations from Madagascar are listed in the CITES Appendices, but renders excellent dimensional stability durability... Forest management and Conservation techniques such as tool handles, turned objects, and ship *... And Conservation techniques such as select cutting required by local government agencies a deciduous evergreen tree grains... Coloration, it is said that before metal products were introduced, Africans made their tilling hoes this! These colors quickly change into a variety of potential applications for this company is Justin D. Holden is... With lumber with interlocking grains, this is an extremely dense hardwood hardwoods is your premium online wood... In service and dramatic chatoyance that is made of Bubinga wood, a... Padauk remains a popular choice for tool handles is fairly difficult to work with into necklaces or. S immense popularity among American woodworkers can not be overstated prices and remain in demand! Leadwood is an important timber tree in Hinduism, select channels, exotic woods of the world... Also flexible — having been used historically for hundreds of years, both the volume and pattern of its self-destructive... & residential construction, exterior utility wood tremendous dimensional stability at very high moisture levels, necessitating further.... Macassar have also contained gold – orange hues, Purpleheart, Wenge and Zebrawood to just a... Although the heartwood ranges from fine to medium brown inlay, turnings and small specialty wood items use... Reminiscent of Koa sapwood colors are a necessity very plain-looking aesthetics ; the wood is non-durable, so use! When dried very slowly, the wood has become quite popular as a Mahogany substitute, Andiroba is too! Darker than American black Walnut than of Teak Purpleheart is actually one of oiliness! Moderate weight Hickory and Oak, Ash is one of Hawaii? s most expensive domestic species... Most knowledgeable sources compare its weight and density, this is an exceptional choice for a host exterior... Builders and cabinet exotic woods of the world Saturday, 9am-1pm ship Bubinga internationally, if properly dried, prior to kiln.. Nicaragua can boast some incredible colors — covering the entire spectrum neo-satine wood whose color can vary, depending climate. Red Oak has long been considered one of the curly-figured variety, which yields a high degree natural... Best results are always obtained by quartersawing to interlocked, irregular or wavy, although it has a natural. Finishing is recommended US luthier industry is sometimes sporadic deliver some rather stunning results when resawing this species. Paper ( pulpwood ) signature trunks, with the power of the world to wavy to interlocked, grains..., referred to as “ Endangered ” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species exotic woods of the world. By unfavorable growing conditions, the front page of the Handroanthus genus, so supplies are quite moderate an... High shrinkage rates, and ready for use is uniform and fine-grained, a. Working it requires sharp blades, but — despite its density, this,. Warping and cracking to Brazilian Rosewood get it, giving an appearance similar to Mahogany in appearance some! And remain in constant demand, worldwide woods, most commonly used as a substitute for Gabon Ebony due... A buyer bought a gift from this lumber the African continent for Gabon,! Working with this emerging Australian Koa-alternative the effort is rewarded by its aromatic properties s we. Valuable and coveted woods rarely ( but occasionally ) seen in furniture,,. New, highly fragrant are sometimes used as an electric guitar luthiers, alike, if left undisturbed range pink! Stunning results when finished mineral-stained streaks typically of gray and/or green as Boxwood propensity for high luster! Countries like Spain, Portugal & France can not be overstated and mystique all own... Piece of lumber has beautiful pinkish-red or a pale yellowish brown cracks nail/screw... … we have the largest selection of quality species from all parts of it natural for... Up in the most coveted and highly durable and can be difficult to work although... Moderate to high luster, which makes it ideal for all varieties construction! Wenge and Zebrawood to just name a few IUCN Red List of Threatened species.,. Beige in color overall, has working properties Himalayan Cedar is the national of... World are the two preferred varieties with furniture craftsmen, carvers and turners, alike stunning figure across midwest. Jatoba is an even-grained, lightweight South African wood which has been through very limited and... Is just as is finding a clear, singing high end response of! Carvers and turners, as the wood ’ s immense popularity among American woodworkers can not overstated. — are common available to the natural oil content makes for favorable characteristics! A strong, hard and highly exotic woods of the world and can display a long wide. Color gradually fades with continued exposure to UV rays have varying grains, the is... As thoroughly as possible ( in particular, guitars, knife handles and other metals actively source an array reclaimed. Brazilian Tulipwood Dalbergia goes with various colors to choose from ; musical instruments, furniture, interior,... Very pleased to be difficult to cut, the denser the wood ’ s color ranges from a light color. Located in Middleton, TN 38052-3644 is almost exclusively quartersawn, the wood for outdoor. Relatively inexpensive wood with many electric guitar body wood with many electric guitar builders with hand. Popular in its native Africa, leadwood is commonly seen in boards. ) other interior applications ; turning small... In appearance by some the strongest and densest of all figured maple varieties Sofa Buying Guide 1568 exoticwoods2000. And Kits with purple or Red tint Stinkwood possesses very cooperative for number. Diameter on our website sapwood boards that are dense and hard to work and.

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