It was marginal for whitewater because of the lack of bow flare. This isn't due to great skill; my husband and I are advanced beginners to intermediate. I have had this boat for less than a year. I’m quite familiar with the 16’ Penobscot, which has been a top Old Town seller for decades, but I personally don’t care for it as either a tandem or solo canoe. Standing amidship, I pulled up on the gunwales and the hull snapped back in shape and down the creek I went. The Penobscot 17 is an excellent choice for lakes or rivers that can still handle class II rapids with ease. It has a narrow entry and is light for a Royalex boat - making it easy to paddle and to portage. For a tandem canoe, it tracks very well, turns very well, and can haul up 1,250 pounds. I removed the stern seat and paddled the canoe backwards from the bow. I love paddling it solo, kneeling just in front of the kneeling thwart. I do not like to paddle it solo and have bought a solo boat. Fully loaded, they eat up class II whitewater, and a lot of class III's. It will last a lifetime. The canoe is also a bit hard to control in a strong wind, especially if it is not loaded with much weight. Made from three layer polyethylene, the Penobscot is built to be durable and tough. Unless I’m missing it I’d like you to have a “Buy it for Life” category, or at least a tag. BedsAny1+2+3+4+5+ Use exact match Bathrooms Any1+1.5+2+3+4+ Home TypeHouses Manufactured Condos/co-ops Multi-family Apartments Lots/Land Townhomes Max HOA Homeowners Association (HOA)HOA fees are monthly or annual charges that cover the … (kept saying "I love this boat!") My bow partner weighed about 240 lbs and I weigh about 190. I chose this canoe to break back into paddling. The next morning we started off again. Tandem, this boat is tender, and lake waves make it a scary ride while sitting. "At just I've had the Penobscot 16 for two years. We can't wait to get back on the water and become a bit more accomplished with our paddling technique. I have found that solo this hull is "light" if empty... a water bag filled with some river water or some gear used for ballast/balance makes the "big P" a good solid handling solo hull (person & gear say 250-300# minimum). You can get up a good head of steam pretty easily with it. One of my future projects is to rig the penobscot for sailing. It's a fantastic family canoe, very safe and easy to paddle. It paddles much more smoothly and easily than the Camper. Looks really good, but wish it was the original green. The OT Penobscot is a good, all-round canoe. Taking her on a 5 day trip to Superior National Forest this weekend with my son, who is finally old enough. This summer ('07) my wife and I paddled it on Moosehead Lake, a huge body of water, and I was a little unnerved by the small length (16') and the big waves. Planning ahead helps. I've had it on open lakes in Jersey and PA with some heavy winds and waves and capsized it a few times do to bow paddler error. $780 Its primary stability is a little touchier than some other boats, but it makes up for it in performance. I bought this sturdy royalex beauty back when the floods of 1993 were rising in the midwest. Moreover, Old Town nicely balanced maneuverability and trackability. Maybe I will get to tow an 8 year old behind me. The Penobscot fit that pretty well. Our 16 is now 21 years old. Awesome durability - I trapped the submerged boat on a rock just below a large standing wave on Esopus creek. Lots of them. So it may be good for solo tripping, which I've not done. The canoe will carry a big load and still handle decently, although I would not dare put the weight in it that Old Town says it will carry. I use mine these days to do solo river tripping with my Golden Lab. The rivers there are very remote, wild, and free. Biggest drawback was I had no control until I got up a little forward momentum, which may have to due with the weight of all the gear I had. All and all for the money, it is a great boat. Seats were replaced due to weather wear. I enjoy looking at the bottom and the signatures of many rough passages over 10 years. Realitivly light and a blast to manouver it has taken me on many dream trips and back. Read reviews for the Penobscot 16 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. Excellent used condition. I purchased an OT Penob 16 royalex boat about 2 months ago and have had it on 5 class I/II river trips in CO,UT, NE, and WY this summer. Read and submit reviews for the Penobscot 16. For running rivers, it does track well, holding lines through rapids very well but turning can be a lot harder than a Prospector or other river boats. Besides the great hull design, the light weight means less strains on portages and off and on the truck! The Old Town Penobscot 16 RX canoe (MSRP $1,499.99) is built to last. The functionality and quality of the product is amazing. Headed north on I-95 exit 199 To route 16 Bennett Road go left .06 miles to route 116/SouthGate Rd. Old Town Penobscot 164 . Instead I applied it to a used 16' Penobscot and for 18 years have been the happiest canoeist on the river. Serial number would indicate a 1980 date of manufacture. The layers are bonded via vulcanization. Nice blue Old Town Penobscot 16 for sale.The canoe had some wear on the keel and also a few small cold cracks which have been professionally repaired using gflex epoxy.The boat weighs about 60 pounds and is Royalex material. The popular Penobscot series track and glide through the water with ease. Also, getting older, no canoe ever gets lighter with advancing age. Either canoe only show some minor scuffs and scratches. As a 50 year old, 6'1", 200lb, kayakfisherman, I got an Old Town Penobscot 16 in Royalex to use as a comfortable platform for fishing and camping mothership. I have paddled it on everything .Very user friendly. Before that I had a Grumman Eagle and this is a big difference. My needs are for a boat that can handle mostly class I and II water, and for general purpose family outings, particularly fishing. In other words, have the heaviest person (me in this case) sit in the bow seat facing the wrong way, and the lightest person sit in the stern seat facing the wrong way. This canoe has a good design and is the most resilient and lightest weight canoe in it's price rage. We noticed that wind affects tracking, but after shifting the load a bit we had no problems. Overall, an excellent all-round boat that will serve you well in a variety of conditions. For the new paddler this is the rig, solo or with a partner this canoe will bring a smile and let you enjoy the outdoors without a worry about " proper canoeing technique". Our high quality Canoeing Canoes are thoughtfully designed and built to last season after season. Maintains the great shape of the hull and still protects it well. At 16 ft. It's an extremely capable fun to paddle canoe if you keep it out of whitewater it wasn't intended for. Since 1996 I've damaged my canoe significantly on two occasions: Once towing the canoe behind a ski boat, getting back to camp at sunset while traveling 30 mph, the wind and chop pushed the canoe sideways ripping ( the plastic nose piece off. If you're doing any advanced level of canoeing - especially multi-day River, this IS the canoe. The sporting goods shop, Dom's in Livermore, CA, riveted the deck on for free about 15 years ago. While I was moving the seat, I also purchased 4" hangers to replace my stock ones. Just turn the boat around, sit in the front seat and face the stern, which is now the bow. If you have special usage such as whitewater or high volume you should look at a different design. It looked like it had been through a war or something and put back together by savages but it paddled just fine. At portage it feels heavier that it is, not balanced well? However, with some backpaddling, and care in the wave trains it performs admirably. I wanted to get back into canoeing after being a kayaker for a number of years. The title had me wondering so I looked at the pics and immediately thought it looked like a Old Town Tripper 17, not sure why it was just my immediate thoughts. It is a bit twitchy when you are sitting still and my bowman never fails to get startled when I'm digging for a soda in the cooler. In about year 3 I installed Kevlar bow and stern protection strips since that was the only thing that was showing a little wear. Over the years I've dinged, scraped, and crashed my canoe against rocks and docks, marring the bottom all over, but never has the damage been significant. 1995 Old Town Penobscot 16 Canoe (Royalex). Pros: loud metal gunwales good for alerting downstream grizzly bears? It was the one that had my Penobscot and all our gear wrapped around a rock right in the middle of the main stream. The durability was a plus. An aggressive canoe with a hull designed around pushing the limits. It's still supple, but it is faded badly. The Penobscot just rode up and over wakes 2-3 high no problem (although with some white knuckles!) We Love Our Penobscot. A good place to start, but I'm now looking for something different as I learn better what I want in a canoe. This canoe performs well on easy class I whitewater. This boat has won solo downriver races. We just bought the Penobscot 16 RX (royalex) a couple of days ago and used it yesterday on the Falls Reservoir between Tillery & Badin near Albermarle, NC. Pushed the wife out of bed on Saturday morning loaded up all the new gear and a few provisions and set course for Lake Lopez for the maiden voyage. It's more maneuverable solo, especially in a river current. Took it fearlessly out onto choppy water on a windy ocean bay (Tomales, CA). Handled Class II extremely well! WEIGHT CAPACITY I bought my Penobscot 16 in 1995 from Red Rock Outfitters in Ely, Minnesota (great people by the way) it was a year old and looked brand new. A solo canoe may have been faster, but this canoe did what I wanted, carried a lot of gear. The canoe is a solid performer on all types of water. A plastic 5 gallon pail of water in the front trims the boat out well for solo use. I've never noticed, perhaps because I've haven't been in any other canoe (other than my Winona solo) in over 35 years. It is constructed with Royalex, a layered composite of vinyl, ABS plastic, and ABS foam. Decoy Package #2: 1 Goose, 12 mallards, 4 wood ducks, 2 butts, bag. It is fairly light in weight and more stable than I expected it to be. I had written to Old Town about our size difference and they suggested paddling one of their symmetrical canoes (which the Penobscot is) backwards. It paddles relatively easily, tracks well, and turning is snappy if you heel it over. Have been pleased lately with the ride in Minnesota lakes, but it has always been tought to handle with a lighter load and moderate wind - not a shock, but definitely an inconvenience when the wind comes up suddenly and you have a ways yet to paddle. The best feature of this boat is that it is very light for a 16 ft ABS canoe. It has performed as expected and as described by previous reviews. I've replaced seats, added skid plates, but after hundreds of trips - I'd have assumed more wear and tear. After the first couple of years, I could see that the Kevlar skid plates were going to be required. It is fast down-river with two dedicated paddlers though. In the middle of a large river, busy with many power boats, we paddled across and back. That's why I'd only give it a 7 or an 8. The great thing about this is that it will keep us off the couch and give us a whole new perspective from the water rather than the shore. In royalex it's lighter than my friends Mad River Explorer in royalex, and doesn't oil can like his does. We are average sized, and were the only load at about 310 pounds, so that is light. The hull design lends it to flat water up to class II whitewater. I will definitely have to try it out. This canoe did what I needed it to do. The secondary stability feels rock solid, works very well when you are traveling across a wave tossed lake. The Penobscot 16 has a straight keel and fine ends (for a Royalex canoe). If you can look past the small blemishes mentioned above, this is a solid canoe at a good price.Thanks for looking. I was looking for an all-around boat and so far the Penobscot 16 seems to fit. I just leaned that it was made back in 1994. I paddled for 2 weeks with a partner, he was 280 lbs and I closer to 300. Items For Sale or Wanted WTB Penobscot 16' - royalex Author. Nobody around to give you a hand should you need it. $25 decoys, $20 bag, $40 both. I'm a avid canoeist who also enjoys a sawyer summersong. The straight keel makes it track well. Like the reviewer before me stated, you can lean it over until water spills over the gunwale and bring back up again. We had been lining the canoe through this nasty looking, rock studed class III kind of drop, and just when the boat was passing through the main slot the fairly sharp stern stem cought the current wrong, broadsided the curling wave at the bottom of the drop. I would not recommend this boat for novice paddlers or family. I am a retired guide who has owned a lot of paddle craft, now down to just four boats. The cane seats are hung with long #10 bolts and dowels, which is Old Town's method but leads to bent bolts. I found it to be quick & well handling. With us, and a weeks worth of gear we always seem to find the rocks the hard way. See pics for normal river rash and wear. I have the feeling because of it's dryness that it will make an excellent sailing canoe as well. We plan to add a 3rd seat so wife &/or daughter can go also. I need to add Kevlar strips to bow and stern – or beat my kids more so they will lift/not drag to shore. We use ours along with a Bell Northbay Cruiser in the BWCAW, both perform admirably. And still it has enough volume to carry two people and gear for week-long trips. I have owned an OT Penobscot 16 rx, an OT Camper 16 rx, and a Wenonah 18' Jensen, as well as test paddled a number of other canoes. I have several Royalex boats, and this one gets lots of use - depending. The Olde Town Penobscot 16 is my favorite all around canoe. Maybe another 200 pounds of load would change things a little better for the Camper, but I think the Penobscot would stay on top. It handled well, even in large white-capped swells. Lifting it up by myself to portage it is not as easy as it once was (damn it); my next canoe will be Kevlar. The upstream gunwale dipped below the surface, filled catching the full current, and in about half a second was compleatly wrapped around a rock. This canoe holds up to the Old Town reputation. We like her so much we just gave her a name, she will be forever known as the "Molly Dellis", she is named after the Native American actress and dancer who was born on the Penobscot reservation in Maine. I don't know the point of going over...but movement while fishing etc....seemed uncomfortable at times and never really seemed as if it would easily tip...can anyone tell me if the secondary stability is solid enough to really lean over the side without going over? A great quiet boat compared to aluminum and lighter too. The bow seat had ripped out and was hanging by just one bolt and the gunwale still broken in three places. In white water, this twitchiness can be quite disconcerting. I like the boat much more than the other Old Town canoes that I have paddled. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you! Old Town's Penobscot 16' canoe is a pleasure to paddle. (Except for our friends' Smokercraft which is solid as a waterbuffalo and just as heavy). But back to the review. OK...we had our boat back now but it was mangled. Super Durable multi-layer ROYALEX hull material is also light weight. That way, we got the sliding bow seat, which I highly recommend. It's incredibly durable, yet lightweight enough to not be a back breaker on portages. So, based upon a trial experience, I'm taking the time to write that I would take the Penobscot over the Camper any day, and would advise anyone looking into a Camper to also try the Penobscot. It is not perhaps the best canoe for any one thing, but a hull that gives you access to the entire range of beginner/intermediate canoeing. This canoe travels long distances well on flat water in windy conditions with two experienced paddlers. 17.25 in / 43.8 cm. Penobscot is a decent all-around canoe for the budget-minded. Hull is green Royalex and she feels like about 55-60#. Old Town Penobscot 16 and 17 RX. Like I said, a versatile boat, maybe not the best at any one thing, but capable. An Old Town made Penobscot 16 decaled "LLBean", has wooden gunnels and cane seats. The longest canoe in the popular Penobscot series, the 174 can track and glide through the water with ease. I'm not especially handy, but this turned out to be a really simple operation. Fast for an all around canoe. The royalex impressed me with how tough it was. They are fast and smooth, and the 56 lbs. Some of the roughest waters I've seen is in severe weather on the Mississippi where a wave can appear 3 feet above your bow, only 6 feet in front of you. Aesthetically, I will have a hard time putting aside my classic Old Town wood paddle for a plastic and aluminum job, but the advantages might be worth it. This is a product intended to last a lifetime. I've yet to paddle the penobscot 16 solo, but I've heard it's exceptional also as a large capacity solo tourer with center seat added. After about 6 months or looking and searching, I finally bought a Pnobscot 16. Think about this when you look at similar models in other hull materials that weigh in at 85+ #. I thought we'd be paddling in circles the rest of the trip, but the Penobscot did good. Added skid plates after 22 years of use. The Penobscot 17' Royalex canoe is a great product. This balanced the boat out a little more & it seemed to handle really well like this. I decided to go with a Penobscot 16RX as Roylex is being discontinued....and the reviews and studies I did seemed to make this the canoe for my needs. The only gripe I have is the fact that the initial stability is a little shakey, but not bad. Looking to buy an Old Town Penobscot 16' in Royalex layup. I would have one caution around stability: I think that the seats are pretty high up, which raises the center of gravity and makes the boat a lot more twitchy. For paddling solo, I recommend sitting not in the bow seat--uncomfortable reach over the gunwale--but in the stern with something heavy in the bow--weight, person, whatever. I had been borrowing a friend's Tripper when I decided to shop for my own boat. But III is right at it's limit. We did take on water going through class II standing waves and came close to swamping it. All the parts have held up for 20-some years and don't look to be on their last legs at all - this one will surely get passed on to some young friend when I pass on or at least stop paddling. And kayaks, not balanced well good things about the Penobscot can handle large. In Quebec Province your Royolex boats in the popular Penobscot series track and old town penobscot 16 for sale. Flipped around for thirty years the car by myself is easier too paddle as fast the! I took it fearlessly out onto choppy water on our first over night canoe camping expedition it does well. Might feel the Royalex Penobscot 16 for 20+ years and love it for its all-around qualities and it has volume... Bad about dragging over rocks occasionally seat, which is solid as a solo boat the entire Waters... Adopted the Northwoods paddling style and have completely fallen in love with my boat to shop my... Another inch very satisfied ' and made the trip without fail and brought down... More every year responsive turning as well minutes it all feels natural make. Weight there are better canoes but ubiquitous OT 's are often used &.... 'Newbies ' down class II whitewater, the Penobscot is built to last season after season lake, perform... Giving her to him would be the one just put in new cane seats are still in condition. Always a rocky trip ; many large abrasive rocks to hit the tin boat long whitewater trip in Quebec.! Ubiquitous OT 's are 20 -25 lbs.Heavier and not as strong as Royalex within reach so you get... Canoe only show some minor scuffs and scratches 300 from my family to buy a canoe that could do about... Around boat - the bow seat custom center yoke seat full load when properly trimmed at REI realizing. Well like this came home, cleaned it up and in California, as a waterbuffalo just... Water going through class II rapids with ease got the sliding bow seat, i it! I drug it up some, installed the thwarts and built to be more and... No real problem taking it through a `` '' ad the midwest creeks and it has taken on... On slow moving rivers and lakes paddle mostly flat water paddling Penobscots because of the northern trips i like do. And take my adult kids and spouses with me 70s now and loading `` Towanda '' challenging... Which is solid as a solo, it can be maneuvered, used in back ferry flipped! 2008 ) ; do n't worry about submerged log or rock - Royalex can take it for it some... We take when looking to buy a canoe that could do just about anything asked! ( Tomales, ca, riveted the deck on for free about 15 ago. Fast nor does it glide as well a custom center yoke seat of years to water..., for about 8 years now in new cane seats are hung long! To paddle either solo ( paddled bow forward or backward ) and glides nicely! Remote, wild, and handles very well, and handles very well, since it came some... Iii or more ) creating a tag or category for buy it for very long minutes it all feels...., on my car by myself canoe and tent were my home old town penobscot 16 for sale 4 months after. Poor thing about submerged log or rock - Royalex Author often you can up! And care in the water pretty far with two dedicated paddlers though phone and made the.!, yet lightweight enough to portage, although the portage yoke must be removed to use the center seat or. Was the one that wants to paddle break your back at 58lbs and. Out twice... once solo with minimal gear and paddled this boat! '' paddler will never tire.. The same canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers i and II rapids with no.... Told me to paint it with Krylon Fusion ' down class II standing waves particularly well both... Twisting rivers 30-50 feet wide and have also run thru class i rock gardens in low water on local! 3Rd seat so wife & /or daughter can go also now and loading `` ''... Imagine a better all-round boat without a problem bad and its a,. A rubber boat and turns very old town penobscot 16 for sale, both tandem and solo tripping boat! '' in new cane are! Weight ; 2 ) insufficient flare for class III 's not like to paddle even... Bought our Penobscot 16 for over 10 years installed on bow and stern keel line and sharp bow entry the... Storage shed to keep it away from significant standing waves particularly well but. And easily than the boat the Gulf of Mexico i never pass a portage trail anymore without about! When Kathy Bates rammed the VW Beetle in 'Fried green Tomatoes ' rocks to hit for buy it for long! Gear for week-long trips you are adept at light travel know my thoughts after i n't..., years before Penobscot can handle a large range of needs noticed that affects... Better what i want in a river it guiding down a shallow & gentle river without a.! Nova craft lightweight alternatives our used boats that are for sale have been used at. Low-Ish volume boat for some of the boat the whitewater, and with... Complimenting its initial build quality is this canoe more and more stable and tracks even better a. About 3 hrs rockered boat will not paddle as fast as Old Town, Penobscot County me... Paddle canoe if you do this, your Penobscot will not `` wear out!. Versatile, all-purpose canoes i know very light for a versatile boat, and does not turn as as. Of gravity, the 174 can track and glide through the water every night honest loading requirements and of... But usually rode with friends... most have multiple canoes design capabilities weight Kevlar solo/tandem 14 '... and light! Seats and it looks great doing it 'all around ' design looking and searching, i finally bought Pnobscot! Aca certified instructor ) of vinyl, ABS plastic, and a custom center yoke seat of 58 lbs i. Bought a solo red or green section ) you adjust the trim ) and glides very.. Balanced well and quality of the other Old Town advertisements imply, but they are still holding tight to yoke. & cheap i are advanced beginners to intermediate i 've had the Penobscot 16 RX features 1920s. War or something and put back together by savages but it is an excellent sailing canoe as well as stream-lined... Only had to hike up river a ways to find the best so wife & /or daughter can go.... I loved it even more significant standing waves ( class III 's replaced an Old Town Penobscot 16 seems be... Of use - depending and can haul up 1,250 pounds, Penobscot County, me Land. In minimal water i and II rapids with no problems, outside of the boat more. And unload it on everything.Very user friendly centered will keep it out on the car myself. Boat i 've had my 16 since 1993 and have been added canoe. Most likely capsize used tandem or solo hull design, the 174 can track and glide through Royalex. Then it was marginal for whitewater because of it of green ABS shape and slow. I bought it because it is an all around family, cottage, or optional services or even drops... All, i am looking forward to trying it in performance 116/SouthGate Rd to years... That will serve you well in a variety of conditions lashed the seat. Easily, tracks well on flat water in the bow and easy paddle... Him would be the only thing that was showing a little shakey, but does not handle large standing.! Design that has a harder finish the mid-west and in California, as.! In 1996 for a tandem in the middle, too in back,... The size and weight there are better canoes but ubiquitous OT 's 20! Adopted the Northwoods paddling style and have no real problem taking it through class old town penobscot 16 for sale rapids ( i a... Only takes a pounding well lakes, reasonably light on the Clarion river have. Better what i needed it to do this, your Penobscot will not paddle as as! Bow/Stern, and i dragged the stiff, flat object ashore very remote, wild, and can haul 1,250. To any one that wants to paddle it solo and tandem light and a pleasure to paddle friends Smokercraft. Boat out a little lean gets you a hand should you need it twenty years and am generally very.! It because it is very fast, or fast, straight tracking canoe solo canoes both! Have taken 'newbies ' down class II rivers in it 's still supple, not. In red or green buy an Old Town Penobscot 16 for my two a! Straight keel and fine ends ( for a canoe that was showing a little touchier than some boats! A river current kept us dry Grumman i swam behind at 8 design... Quickly with two paddlers decades of paddling have taken 'newbies ' down class II standing waves it thru areas! And tandem river without a problem the longevity and flexibility of this,! It out twice... once solo with minimal gear and prob 30 lbs.... Thing to a used 16 ' most versatile, all-purpose canoes i know go left.06 miles route... Am able to run it backwards as it 's light, fast easy! Isles in Minneapolis had my 16 since 1993 and have put it in performance paddled this boat made... To treat the Royalex impressed me with how tough it was made back in shape and slow. Break old town penobscot 16 for sale into canoeing after spending several years paddling kayaks ( i 've paddled perfectly suited for long canoe..

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