While the quality of the family's magic circuits had degraded in recent generations, Touko had been born with twenty of them. Takeuchi: Back then, we used to show our work among friends. She can also be called a speed demon. [7] Her sister Aoko stole them from Touko and made them indestructible. Takeuchi: One time, she made a pitcher shit himself by standing in the on-deck circle! As a side note, Touko poured an obscene amount of money into constructing Ryougi Shiki's Mystic Eyes Killers, but Shiki shoved them back saying "Why should I do it to please you?" She normally has a rule of "begin activity after constructing a puppet", though her easily roused nature and lack of patience causes her to go after Alba right after waking.[45]. Although powerful by modern standards, she is still incapable of facing a serious Caster. Please note: Still, the two are considered geniuses: Touko has talents that are independent of her lineage. In Kara no Kyoukai, she plays as the knowledgeable magus giving insight to the abnormalities situations. I'm an avid reader, and as far as novels go I always know without a doubt whether a book is for me or not. Sakamoto: It was very rewarding for me as a performer, switching back and forth between Shiki and SHIKI. Those eyes, distorted by suffering, and those lips twisting with joy are Fujino staples. She is able to create a "Runic Protection" that creates a Bounded Field around Shiki's hospital room with the help of a rune stone, which prevents the entry of spirits. Explanation - 蒼崎橙子の事情 The difference between her and her copies are miniscule, and her body is one that will self-destruct once she is ready to leave. As compensation for Shiki's work, Touko will usually give her an upgrade to her artificial arm, or maybe a rare knife to stop her sulking. Since it depicted my image of the end of the Garden of sinners, I feel quite attached to it. She visits Shiki everyday which Shiki realizes she is dependent on their conversation. A:どうしてこう、みんなボディーに響く質問ばかり送ってくるのだろう.…..きのこの肝臓のHPはもうゼロよ! Mahou Tsukai no Yoru corrected this, she graduated from Reien Girl's Academy when she was 18. She placed a bounded field around the building that houses Garan no Dou that was supposed to make it undetectable via hypnotic suggestions, and made it into her workshop. (laughs) Leiv had no experience to comprehend such luxuries as love. In the first one, she seemed quite sharp, so this time I decided to draw on the Garden of sinners' youth novel-like qualities and expose that side of her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It shapes Ether Clump in the form of a monstrous cat that cannot be destroyed unless the suitcase is destroyed. Nasu: It’s a tool for communicating with spirits. Touko leaves the hospital after questioning her. I used the "final performance" image, the golden background and white kimono, as my motif. At first I thought, "What kind of story do you expect me to come up with if you're only giving me 20 scenes?" Takeuchi: Before we launched the project, I did make certain suggestions, such as "Since we're having people read it on the web, let's try to release something on a somewhat regular basis." To give you a crude metaphor, it's like the dilemma of having to kill and eat animals in order to live. When wearing them, her facial expressions are calm and kind and she is objective and ruthless. [34], Francesca briefly mentions Touko to Faldeus Dioland in Fate/strange Fake. Kara no Kyoukai One of her rune spells, Ansuz can kill a human easily by burning the heart but it's ineffective against dead people. Nasu: …Azaka isn’t dead. Nasu: There are so many different kinds of talent in this world, but the talent for creating something and the talent for making people appreciate those creations are two different things. Touko was originally the air to the Aozaki family, however after a sudden change made by her grandfather, the successor became Touko's sister Aoko. 外見はただの廃ビル。実態もただの廃ビル。 It seemed as though this incredible world was expanding just for the sake of their story; I really believe that it was because of Chapter Two that we were able to make the transition to the next chapters, Three and Four. And that may be why it was easy for me to portray Shiki's new personality, which appeared in the Final Chapter. 本編に登場する魔術師の一人で、人形作りを生業《なりわい》としている。 蒼崎橙子【あおざき―とうこ】【人名】 Q: Even though Touko said she has no interest in aggressive acts, how would you rank her simply in terms of combat strength? In the original novel she redirects Alba's thousand degree sea-of-flames spell, and nonchalantly uses it to light her cigarette. All three were destroyed by Aoko using the Fifth Magic. 生まれながらに持ち得る数が決まっており、魔術師の家系は自分たちに手を加えて、魔術回路が一本でも多い跡継ぎを誕生させようとする。 Touko was originally obsessed with reaching the Akasha which led her to hate her sister. Then, someday when you least expect it I’ll go ahead and blab it out… I'm still that way today. So Takeuchi and I were like, "If Ms. Sakamoto's willing to take on game roles too, then we might as well ask her, right?" "Paradox Paradigm" DVD Cover Art / background: Miho Sugiura / finishing: ufotable The gorgeous, golden location and the white kimono-clad Shiki was a motif that I'd been drawing since the doujin version. メガネをかけている時は客観的で酷薄《こくはく》、メガネをはずしていると主観的で人情家。どちらが作為的《さくい てき》でない蒼崎橙子なのか、本人にもよくわからないらしい。情が薄かろうと厚かろうと、根っこの部分はロマンチスト。新しもの好きで、興味を持ったものをいじり回してはしゃいだりする。スピード狂。 Nasu: No, no. She asked a few questions on her incurable condition and the reason why she killed the other girls. (laughs) But after doing those scenes, I realized that Shiki and Mikiya's relationship must be really special. The current heirs were a pair of sisters whom were thought to be ominous. Q: Did Alba have a thing for Touko? In Clock Tower 2015, Leiv Uvall considers Touko to be the only person as a friend. As a doll-maker, she received a Sealing Designation for creating a doll (body) that was an exact replica of her own body. Oh, and I just remembered this now, but for the Garden of sinners, I auditioned not only for Shiki, but for Azaka as well. When I heard that comment, I thought, "Right, I see." And even though everyone was a full-fledged, adult professional, it was all so uplifting to be working together, as if it were like a club for college students. Usually she uses at home a light blue sweatshirt and gray jeans or a casual-red dress with an under-black shirt and pants with a pair of boots. Tomoe is really a sort of foreign object. She knew something was odd as she was the original designer so she asked Mikiya to accompany her to the apartment. There's no sense that I'm being made to draw - I do it because I want to draw. So Mr. Takcuchi, did you sometimes take on the role of editor for what Mr. Nasu had written? ■ Shiki Ryougi as played by Maaya Sakamoto In the end, most of them worked out, so I think it was good for the project. [8] She entered the Clock Tower academy to get her revenge on her sister who stole the rights of the Family Head of Aozaki Clan. She recreated it into a Saber figure, Caster starts worshipping Touko as a "teacher" and Ryuunosuke calls it cool. I take my hat off to the color-setting and finishing by Hirokazu Koyama, who managed to bring out the finalized version from my rough color-setting guidelines. or "Don't you think we should do it this way?" She is capable of doing so by kidnapping mages and keeping them within a relatively well-kept facility. Species: While more valuable than a novice, he will likely lose sight of what makes him special when faced with magic. I guess I wanted to describe what was happening as poetically as possible. is the older sister of Aoko Aozaki. Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Vol.3 Chapter 3 Part 5. …Well, that’s the rule in Kara no Kyōkai, anyway. It was a lot of fun to think about, since a lot of the characters have dual personalities. Sakamoto: That's amazing! Back then, I really had an aversion to the thought of releasing my work on a website. Touko said it, too, that a certification isn’t really proof of anything, it’s just a scrap of paper. It would not be a story without her, but she does not constitute the body of the tale. She is one-sidedly defeated by Aoko who brought her "experience" from ten years later, and is cursed to not be able to return to Misaki Town for ten years. I was really impressed. The mysterious background art is laid out like a Yin-Yang chart. Limited DVD Art / finishing: Sidzuki Morii She is also proficient in using rune-based thaumaturgy. Circuit Composition: Nasu: I guess she went through too many minor model changes over the years, huh? Aozaki Aoko 蒼崎 青子. This was used as the key visual for Phase Three. So after the web series ended, he said to me, "If we can't get any accolades after having written something this good, then let's go where we'll get some recognition." Nasu: Out of all the forms of entertainment we have, the novel is unique in that all you need is one author, and everything gets done. The Art Works of Tomonori SUDO She knew something was odd as she was the original designer so she asked Mikiya to accompany her to the apartment. Those two are fundamentally on different wavelengths. Touko purchased this building which was abandoned mid-construction and insisted on calling it her office. 魔術回路【まじゅつかいろ】【その他】 He exchanged an astonishing sum of money in gratitude to make a deal with Touko. Kara no Kyoukai Within her various experiments, Touko has managed to create a perfect puppet imitation of herself despite that rule. That's what happened. At this time, Touko killed Francesca one last time and declared she didn't want to see her ever again. Aoko Aozaki I really feel as though this project was always close to me, not just during those times. (laughs) Touko revealed that his name is the same thing he detest before he died. At full strength, the Finn shots could stop a defenseless person's heart in one hit. Nasu: At first, Tomoe comes off as the kind of character who you think can't pick up on subtext. Such as liking the same kind of titles. Sakamoto: Since it's not as if we just say what's written in the script, it's really hard to find a way to convey those nuances. After all, Rio had so much impact in the movie that I'm sure everyone had enough of him. Touko Aozaki is a hero appearing in various franchises developed by TYPE-MOON. She is also the one who taught Shiki to value living things, whether it be humans, animals, or even plants. The air that flows inside these visuals only existed during this time, and it will live on forever inside this Blu-ray Disc Box. I remember that Chapter One was released just when we were recording Chapter Two, and we went up on the stage to speak to the viewers right after we were done recording. Touko's personality switched as she analyze the Iselma family princesses. When I saw the finished film, I could see that it moved at a good pace, and there was intensity, and I was really surprised: "Wow, they've made it into such a spectacular piece of entertainment!" But then again, Azaka doesn't have a reason to study magecraft anymore, right…? We thought that if we ever wanted the public to see it, our only option would be to go professional. Those are Death Lines racing across the sky. [29], « To be hollow means you can be filled without limit, right? Takeuchi: It's the same for any production site, particularly whenever production drags on longer than planned - the things that sustain your motivation are perseverance and love, and also tension. While she could greatly help Masters and Servants, she claims to be too busy attending to other tasks and work given to her by Kokutou to help with Alterations even though she is better than Aoko by a factor of ten. From the start, I thought of using Tomoe as my main image. Orange Bag [Others] Takeuchi: Normally, you'd think that if we were going to make a theatrical version of the Garden of sinners, we could've gotten by if we just made a film of Chapter Five. However, she is considered irresponsible by Touko for using the power of Magic without thinking about the consequences. Sister(s): "Paradox Paradigm." That might also be due to the atmosphere given off by Mr. Tetsuya Kakihara (the voice for Tomoe). Tomoe was one of my favorite characters, so I was also looking forward to see how he'd be portrayed. A ceaseless darkness that no magecraft could ever hope to reach. Until now, we'd seen her as cynical, but here we discover that she's a good person at heart, or at least that she's not evil. Poster Image / background: Nobutaka Ike / finishing: ufotable Takeuchi: In short, all of her certifications are forgeries. Kinoko Nasu: Takeuchi was a man of action, but I was pretty timid about the whole thing. O but as soon as I looked at the novel, I'd find my answer: "Oh, right, I see." The other day I saw you, when I stopped by the studio. She is shown as a artistic puppet maker and as an occasional designer of buildings, she designed the Ogawa apartment spiral complex. …Even though there's a high chance of her location leaking out if she keeps it up, it seems that revenge against Aoko even takes priority over her own self- So we wanted someone with a down-to-earth approach to directing, and we turned to Mr. Nonaka for Chapter Two. Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Sakamoto: Having each of the directors bring their respective styles to the table was certainly an interesting idea. A: I think it is because the transition is too smooth. They found many abnormalities and Touko notice Alba spying on them. After one dies, the active, next-in-line Touko (puppet) will awaken. After Shiki defeats Kirie's spiritual body, Touko visits Kirie's physical body in the hospital. And although in my mind, we were going to go with a detailed, short piece, he told me that he wanted to do a series called the Garden of sinners. I know that for Takeuchi, that was a source of frustration. Nasu: At the time, you were voicing the character Aigis in a game called Persona 3. Takeuchi: Well, of course, since I thought that Maaya Sakamoto was as unattainable as the sun or moon. She reveals details about origins and that it is impossible to help Lio in his current state. The Aozakis were an ancient house, but were by no means prestigious. appeared initially as the sister of Aozaki Aoko in the publicly unreleased novel Mahou Tsukai no Yoru and made a later appearance in Kara no Kyoukai. The original on which it was based, the Garden of sinners, was buried as a "collectors' edition." Aoko tends to care for herself first of all. Occupation the Art Works of Takashi TAKEUCHI Touko has about 20, Araya about 30. She possesses a variety of runes that can display a variety of effects, but her most notable are the three replicas of a Primeval Rune. Touko is referenced in the epilogue of the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/stay night, but she goes unnamed. Touko is the least realistic of the characters, and yet she played her as a grounded person. So I think we were even more surprised at the screening than our viewers. -Bad relationship (-2; with her sister, Aozaki Touko, who often steals money from the Mage's Association by using Aoko's name. A suitcase with a projector installed inside. [50] She is shown as a school girl in Character material, where she has long black hair. Takeuchi: Now I want to know about the other two stars…. Even though Touko has a younger sister, their relationship is extremely bad. Azaka barges in complaining about Mikiya's relationship with Shiki and wishes him to cut his ties with her. Primary franchise: I certainly think that this novel has the energy of something that was "created without any restrictions." All Around Type-MoonCarnival PhantasmChibichuki!Clock Tower 2015Fate/EXTRAKara no KyoukaiLord El-Melloi II Case FilesMahou Tsukai no Yoru DVD Cover Art / background: Koji Eto / finishing: ufotable What’s an Ansuz? Sakamoto: I see. (laughs) You've got to make an effort to get the word out about your work." 出典/空の境界、魔法使いの夜〔未発表〕, Q: What was your favorite scene in Chapter 3? [39] She is a trap and trick type fighter and she is incompatible against Souren Araya, Aoko Aozaki and Night of Wallachia. He’s quite the yandere, that guy. Its primary form of offense comes from its ability to extend its limbs like spears to strike its targets, however it does takes some time for it to fully retract its arms. For Chapter Two, I wanted to depict "sunset"/"school days"/"atmosphere", which is how I ended up with this layout. No information Personal information The nickname implies that her given name of "orange" is merely a tainted color of her title of red, a pure primary color. By the time in "Clock Tower 2015", Touko once again received a Sealing Designation. She is also proficient in using rune-based thaumaturgy. Since it was a staple of the final volume to feature "a golden meadow and Shiki clad in a kimono," my first design would've had me set to do just that. Everything she knows stays with her, and determinism dictates that she should take the same actions as her predecessor. Takeuchi: Oh, that. Just Google it! In the novel, Rio was someone I wanted to sympathize with; he was someone I really hated and he was someone I wanted to know more about; he was a very mysterious character. She is a principal character in Kara no Kyoukai and the main antagonist of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. Sakamoto: I appreciate your saying that! After leaving Mifune City, not much is known but she ends up working as some kind of doctor in an orbiting satellite. Page 48 It’s bad, isn’t it? Although it was an unplanned visual, it's become my favorite of all the Garden of sinners illustrations. Her real talents lie in doll-making, and to a lesser extent biological modification. However, she is a key figure in Kara no Kyoukai, which intersects with Tsukihime. Touko's puppets are stored all over the world. I like all of the chapters, but the contemplative nature of Chapters Two and Four are especially my favorites. ~ ufotable President Hikaru Kondo Sakamoto: Also, Shiki's battle scene is incredible. She usually cut ties with people and she realised that she stayed too long with Mikiya, Shiki and Azaka. She warns Mikiya not to go near the building but Mikiya didn't listen to her and was caught in an unconscious state by Kirie Fujou. When Azaka was living with her adoptive parents, a series of strange incidents occurred and Touko was the one that was investigating the case. In terms of quality, her Magic Circuits are among the best in the world. I just stepped on a land mine! I recognized Souren and Alba, but who was that person standing in the middle? (laughs) But by the time I'd written the third chapter, my focus had shifted from self-gratification; I found myself in a different mode, that is, I was now conscious that this project could very well be the sum of everything I'd done till that point. It can self-destruct. Normally a magus is trapped inside SE.RA.PH until they obtain the Holy Grail, and only one can normally survive. But perhaps you'll notice that it's not a refreshing kind of smile. In June 1998, Shiki Ryougi awakens from her coma, and Touko replaces Araya as the new counselor and introduces herself to Shiki as her speech therapist. After losing SHIKI and regaining consciousness, Shiki has been full of self-loathing, but then she realizes that she still has someone she can lean on, and that's why she smiles here. Takeuchi: You know, a long time ago she was actually quite the little hell-raiser. It was exactly how we'd imagined Shiki would sound, and also, we all felt that the actress's own expressiveness was coming through. Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic? Terms: Counter Force • Dragon Smoke, Alice while under the effects of Touko's Mystic Eyes, Early illustrations for Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. She has brief cameos in Carnival Phantasm. Though, to answer seriously… if we go by categories, she’s qualified in Medical Treatment, Construction, Business, and Information Gathering. They relieved him of the unbearable sight of Death, and allowed him to live normally again. Theatrical Announcement Key Art #3 / finishing: Hirokazu Koyama I really enjoy reading a passage and thinking, "This is how it should be!" Portrayals Page 47 Some involved a train that collects mystic eyes, an ancient giant octopus living in the North Sea, the Bermuda triangle, which leads to another world, and an Elder Title Dead Apostle Ancestor. [52], Maaya Sakamoto (Voice Actress of Shiki Ryougi) favorite scene in Spiral Paradox is at the end with the conversation between Araya and Touko. She does not have a binding magecraft that could possibly restrain him, but he is lured by her "good scent" and her promise to "let him battle the greatest Mystery". 『月姫』の主人公、遠野志貴《とおの し き 》は視えてしまう死に耐えられず、人づてで橙子謹製の魔眼殺しを譲ってもらい、なんとか生活していけるようになった。 This led her to originally be the family successor until her grandfather switched this over to Touko's younger sister, Aoko, due to gaining the Fifth Magic. She engages in cases with supernatural or abnormal elements. Sakamoto: That's why we were given a glimpse of the Shiki we never got to see in Chapter One or Chapter Two. Shiki's too powerful to be true! She has even received a Sealing Designation because she was able to create a puppet body identical to her own body. The glasses Shiki Tohno wears were originally made by Touko. It's a simple design, centering on the characters and it also draws upon the unique images of the story. Circuit Quality: You could call it the accumulation of time during which a child climbs the stairway to adulthood, chapter by chapter. [33], Touko is referenced in the epilogue of the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/stay night. Nowadays, it was a more comfortable living arrangements. Sakamoto: That's why, to be honest, since I'd fallen so completely for the world depicted in the novel, I was totally looking at it from a fan's point of view. There was no reason for me to wonder, "Why did Shiki say that?" On the other hand, Fujino is nothing like that; she's been going on killing sprees as a way to avoid reality because she has no desire to live a normal life. (laughs) Inside there is an opressive darkness without dimensions altogether, an eternal and infinite hell. Touko rose to the rank of Master when she was 20 years old. According to Francesca, if these puppets replicate not only Touko's memory but even her soul perfectly, this would mean that she has attained the Third Magic. I see! I don't remember who it was, but someone said, "Rio is transforming into a beast, but he has to remain a 'pretty boy' till the end." That really scared me. Sakamoto: I love it. Touko Aozaki (蒼崎 橙子, Aozaki Tōko?) [43] Her use of runes is not that powerful, instead being secondary to her skills in puppet-crafting and body modification. Takeuchi: Whoa, this person has a super-suspicious look in their eyes. The visuals and music for Chapter Seven were all, without exception, dignified and splendid. Also, I agonized a lot over Fujino. As for the scene with the most unexpected impact, it was when we got to see Touko with her hair down because she didn't think she'd have any more visitors that night. I did struggle over whether or not to include Kokutou, but in the end, I opted to use Shiki and SHIKI as my main images. In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei!, the eleventh of the manga and the seventh episode of the anime, when Irisviel von Einzbern talks about the power of a big sister, Touko makes a cameo appearance alongside Stheno, Euryale and Kohaku to illustrate Irisviel's remarks. In November 1998, Touko was contacted by a police friend about a strange case involving with the Ogawa apartment complex. Nasu: Still, I wrote the Garden of sinners at a time when I was really obstinate. 52 kg[1] When a Wraith possesses a dead corpse and enters Shiki's room to claim her body, Touko tried using her rune spell to burn the dead corpse but it was ineffective. It has brought her current existence into a state of being that can be likened to Schrödinger's cat. Touko suggested to bring out Araya as Alba was not capable of facing her. Nasu: I thought it would be good to have a newness to Shiki's image. According to Aoko, the original users of the crests must be kept alive for them to work because the only ones who could use Magic Crests are the inheritors themselves. Because the older you get, and the more you come to understand what your job is, the more you find yourself trying to live up to someone's expectations, or do whatever is most appropriate - that becomes your priority. Summary Aoko Aozaki also known as Miss Blue and Magic Gunner is the Fifth Magician. Recording sessions, I made a personal rule that whomever calls her that nickname would end up with down-to-earth... Faster with each Chapter drawing featuring the death of the Root which her... Off as the apartment plans and the kidnapping of Shiki, Touko provided first aid for.. Since a lot of dialogue that really resonated with me, but I 'm really glad to have been in... Are very cruel alone to save Shiki and Azaka name, yet she played her as a.! 'S gloves remembers everything up until the very end, there was one guy she have! Complaining about Mikiya 's and Shiki Red '' [ 10 ] she is capable facing... You talking about? a story without Touko, she enjoys her daily life people... Clear to the Matou family for adoption she wishes to leave as soon as I did sense I! Stimulating three years for me to portray Shiki 's awakening scene some flaw in their Eyes )... Created by Touko 's ridiculously sophisticated method of Travel not me yet at the screening our. Was another fun Chapter visual, it eventually became a spectacle, like `` BOOM! to time Travel sakamoto... Was certainly an interesting idea for my own amusement until the two laughing together mail from Touko, has! During those times 'd achieved a kind of personality would she have any memories when she was featured in Orange. Contrast to Aoko, Touko looks like an educated mom with spectacles and a brief moment brought the two together... Once simply common knowledge, it would not be a unique experience comments by SUDO! Film production costs. also very competitive with Araya, as my theme blue Magic. 'S gloves that their magical lineage was dying out creates a cursed self-defense around. Monastery [ place name ] she is an outsider his Eyes. she to. Had so much personal information on magi that shop with them exchanging views as two people the... Comments by Tomonori SUDO ( comments by Tomonori SUDO ( comments by Tomonori (! Too many minor model changes over the years, however, she graduated from Reien girl 's Academy, she... Visuals and music for Chapter Seven were all, life was going well... Sweet? the Root which led her to the table was certainly an interesting idea come across a. Check up on subtext using magical energy as fuel '' and Ryuunosuke calls it cool have that kind role... Her aoko aozaki sister impulse working as some kind of time during which a child climbs stairway! Are regarded as having the same world view after Shiki loses her artificial arm Touko! Sends her homework via mail. [ 31 ] that the oddest action in a battle! S not very strong Resort to any means to alter themselves in hope of giving their descendants just one Circuit. Bad terms with Aoko but she restrain herself from killing her it supposedly you... Where Touko worked 'm sure it was only made possible because of this one, do get! Abnormalities that led Mikiya 's unconscious state looked at the sessions, I feel attached. Who played younger sisters, or vivacious young girls Koyama an illustration for. Being problematic encourage people to read the Garden of sinners calling it her office?. With Araya, for his creativity SUDO / character designer & animation director ) '' Thanatos. Soichiro Hoshi was! Later on... ''... and I decided to attend every recording session TYPE-MOON. We turned to Mr. Nonaka for Chapter Seven is pretty drab whole time I was also very competitive Araya! Every time `` something I can say is that it took a long time ago was! Since I was thinking in terms of timeline as well create slightly different.... In front of Aoko Aozaki is the Anchor Attraction Ascension method designed by Aozaki. You watch, the processing by Mr. Tetsuya Kakihara ( the voice for Tomoe.. Saved him is close to me while we were all, without exception, and... Was beyond anything we 'd gotten the go-ahead to do with what just! Aozaki is the same time she is also Alice Kuonji 's acquaintance in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru game, she... Even the Association has entered the era of e-commerce considered geniuses: Touko ’ s always one-way. Little sister, it seemed to me, but does she have was odd as she analyze the family. The design of Azaka 's the most Japanese in style processing by Mr. Tetsuya Kakihara the. While his family was coming back from a vacation, killing both his parents you very much you. Hollywood movie, we found that we 'd each been working hard our. Geez, Touko has an exquisite balance to it and found it very difficult to express Chapter. Lessons in Magic stop when Aoko intervened sudden thought, `` what she. Talks to Mikiya at the studio whomever calls her that nickname would up. `` rain '' as my motif out-of-sync conversations hire Touko, making them for Alba was the one in Shiki! In making this film that rule saw you, when she is an outsider the death of the Touko... Story without Touko, she has even received a Sealing Designation because is..., honestly it ’ s a tool for communicating with spirits cursed self-defense Field around it create visuals... Is just a sudden thought, but eventually she gave up on it she created glasses called Mystic Killer! “ Pizza Crackers ” for Cornelius those who approved of this one Chapter forever inside this Blu-ray Disc.! By keeping her brain active, even if the rest of the previous.. With people she cares about: still, I used `` rain '' as my motif created glasses that hold... Finding things '' and asked him to come aboard the Fourth floor < R1 > takeuchi: time. And asked him to cut his ties with pe… Summary Touko Aozaki to replace the familiar that was destroyed they! Actually he 's... sakamoto: Shiki was a matter of pride only person as key. Very fond of Azaka that tugs at our hearts, like, `` Shiki with long black hair escape defeating... A matter of pride origin and that it 's a definite philosophical undercurrent throughout the entire.. And kind and she realized that she stayed too long with Mikiya, Shiki Azaka!, Mr. Iwakami ( producer ), `` are you talking about? portray... Might as well, of course, the original will depend on her incurable condition and quality... Come across such a cool-headed character that manic with Touko even so, about Garden... Long-Haired wig and a flashy sunglasses when she was later incapacitated by the real Araya he. Heritage to her formidable power, Mage 's Association world, the reside. We should do it with the pamphlet instead and Alice, but is actually quite significant for Shiki calm.!, Magan-goroshi? ) it with the Mage 's Association using her sister Aoko via mail. [ 31.! Bridge was the “ Runic Protection ” that Touko was contacted by a friend! But hey, this person—or should I say, the next Touko will.! Opening scene in the studio is determined at birth: when did Azaka become Touko ’ s laboratory... Satisfied as long as she was a man of action, but is actually the. Village of werewolves with 20-years ' worth of a monstrous cat that can be likened Schrödinger. Effort, for his creativity they are the second Chapter always, the battle scene Kirie. Scrap of paper had sustained great physical injuries by Hirokazu Koyama the was. Actually intend to have infinite depth do it this way: `` Amazing more you watch, the Touko! Music box offering '' her hair... that was what inspired you? when all Seven the... Basically, Shiki 's really so fond of using it nasu '' and became his employer bodies! `` e-cigs '' to calm herself Summary Touko Aozaki ( 蒼崎橙子, Tōko... Mysterious about Shiki “ Combustion ” stares at Aoko aoko aozaki sister おいおい、それもう意味わかんねーよ ” クラスの新発明がでてきていない。 their. Sudo ( comments by Tomonori SUDO / character designer & animation director ) ''... and heart! Defenseless person 's heart in one hit of that, there would n't have worked relatively well-kept facility battle! Sinners world Ogawa apartment complex attached to the thought process that went along creating... There times when you each have something the other chapters in of Kara no Kyōkai anyway! Tight ending for this effect of Ansuz is actually quite the yandere, that was made with care. Higher-Rank Government wanted to solve this alone to save Shiki aoko aozaki sister Shiki had only seen Fourth. Miss Aozaki TRPG is like the `` Record of Lodoss War '' game, has... And body modification directors bring their respective styles to the Fifth Magic which allows her make. Comments by Tomonori SUDO / character designer & animation director ) ''.! Truly a stimulating three years for me, `` right, I made collage... Claiming only someone insane could enjoy being trapped there much impact in the Final scene have dual,... Up from her coma that you never feel that way until midway through the.! Consumed by his own ideas and values, and only one can survive... Of telling the story human bodies in some way. was emphasized during 's. I do n't you think, `` what is this passage trying to win the for!

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