They do not represent the opinions of 3. Easy. And had I not wiped the floor with the little squirt. "I like it up here just fine," Alex responded conversationally. As a writer, it’s important to develop a sense of your own speech rhythms and vocabulary. And the reason for this is because no one actually read your content? Examples of conversationally in a Sentence. Rare words are dimmed. Shorten your sentences. This is the four step process I use when writing about anything, and it’s served me pretty well. (1)Alan: Areyou going to Paul’s party? because we use ago with SIMPLE PAST Actions so we must not use it in the Present Perfect.....however is it true to use it in a sentence like the one mentioned above and with SINCE :''SINCE 3 days AGO''? "I'm going to drain your blood," he said conversationally. =<
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