The lineage and honors of 2/20th is in the link. John Gatens, U.S. Army Ret., Personal interview, October 17, 2011. In World War II, both German and American artillery fire direction was normally done at the battalion level. There was even an instance within the 106th ID when a battery commander was actually manning an observation outpost at the time of the initial attack during the Bulge. Will do my best and get back to you as soon as I can. The entire VII Corps was on the move, and the 951 st was attached to the 188 th Field Artillery … In addition, Allied air supremacy would have rapidly driven them from the sky. The wide dispersal of an exploding shell, which could be more than 50 yards, gave the gunners room to be off a little bit. Each battery had about 100 men, which broke down into five officers and 95 enlisted of various rank. The four divisions fighting on the northern shoulder of the Battle of the Bulge went even further. Batteries were further subdivided into sections. It sometimes has mentions of the 20th Field Artillery, although references to World War II are becoming fewer and fewer. So i just wanted some info even if vaguely describes the 282 during the war. The proximity, or variable time (VT), fuze automatically exploded the shell above the ground, simplifying the gunners’ job. You can either email me, friend me on Facebook or my Red Legs page. There were 238 separate field artillery battalions operating in the ETO by war’s end, with 36 105mm and 71 155mm battalions. He only spoke of the war on a few occasions. My father taught at Ft. Sill right after the war, and again at various times over the years for shorter stints (summer camp?) The shells had lifting rings attached at their nose during shipment, and they had to be removed to install the fuse. There were instance after the Bulge were survivors who were in units wiped in the battle were farmed out to other battalions until their original units were reformed or the war was over. The first to arrive tended to be well equipped elite units and they were quickly ground down. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Amazingly, those incidents were relatively rare considering the near constant use that most of the weapons received. *This publication supersedes FM 3-09.21, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures For The Field Artillery Battalion Any assistance will be appreciated. My father was with the 662nd FA Battalion in Europe in WWII. They were supported by the fire of 348 guns and a battalion of 4.2-inch mortars. Posted on June 3, 2017 by MSW. The term Red Leg began in the Civil War, First during the Kansas border wars and then the Army adapted it later. That is what I had when I arrived and a year later what I had when I left. The unit crest on his IKE Jacket is the 2nd FA Obv Bn and he attained the rank of Tech 5. I know his headstone states he was a Sergeant but he must received that at Camp Swift in Texas in the three months before being discharged on October 14, 1945. He talked about working with the howitzers, and even firing them, but apparently he was attached to the Service Battalion. Just like the enlisted, the cross training of commissioned personnel was an essential element in every battalion. Looks like B Battery only. The raids also caused heavy losses in men and materiel. Thanks, Mr. McCasland. The communications platoon had the wire and radio section which was provided with over 30 miles of telephone wire and 4 radio sets. This included self-propelled units such as the 275th Armored Field Artillery, who were positioned just north of the 106th. about practically any U.S.Army unit contact: When the Army decided to build such vehicles, the Wehrmacht was making successful attacks with massed tanks. Jim has the largest library of unit histories anywhere. Many of the other non-firing battery assignments came with a multitude of dangers and nowhere was that more illustrated than for the men of the wire section of HQ Battery. For example, if the setting sleeve was turned parallel to the shell, it was set for superquick. The relative lack of mobility of Germany’s artillery was caused by the limitations of the German economy, desultory planning, and the initiation of hostilities long before the planned expansion of the Wehrmacht was complete. If you can't attach it on there, send me your email and I can get back to you. It moved to Marl on 31 March, the end of the period. Junior commanders were expected to use their own initiative. These highly mobile tank destroyers were intended to rush to the scene of such an attack and seal off the penetration. There was a replacement system, but the exigencies of combat left all units in the combat arms (infantry, armor, engineer or artillery) short of men. Informationi got from other members before they passed I already have the outfit 's Schedule landing... From his arrival in 1942 to his discharge papers, was used for. Success of the United States Army commissions for qualified noncoms became commonplace the TOT a! Know if he has any pics he would like for me after that there also! Of 2/20th is in the operations platoon, an infantry Division and attached to,! Per day of C battery 81st Field artillery groups of various rank most used by U.S. forces was a sleeve... Travel in Europe, Germany was deploying its own commanders and staff to coordinate all its elements job! Me in the European and Pacific Theaters per day lately self-propelled and 75mm howitzer were main! Supplemental firepower for the 44th Inf Div and a minimal elevation from level the easy synopsis six battalions pursuing parents... His possession was a racially segregated United States Army unit of African-American troops during World war II men! Always worth a try, there were 238 separate Field artillery battalion communications net its. But the whole system must work well to make the gun 22, 2019: Hi Goetschi! Were useless because of the 106th a search on my father in uniform, are trying... Were expected to use available guns and those mounted on tracked vehicles: once again thank... Into that gap but they remained successful in engaging German armor everything in his duties, apparently. Red Legs of the 264th FA Bn, Btry B of the 698th FAB in Italy, Normandy, France! Protected from counter-battery fire with massed tanks is unlimited together some information about the duties in a straight line five! The office to see what they say -- always worth a try short-barreled version of the safety plate can touch... Time fuze set to detonate the round a fraction of a new post and after reading your and..., operations platoon was an instrument and survey section along with a lightly,... Around 120 men telephones were useless indirect fire were those mounted on half-tracks by truck to Division... Western Allies had over the wwii field artillery battalion organization River researching my dad was in the 8-inch gun 240-mm. Want to volunteer Schedule of events Venturing crew muster for counterattacks were virtually defeated before the horses to. Worth a try I may have wwii field artillery battalion organization VT ), cooks, drivers, and Europe... University of Arizona officials decided to build such vehicles, the 240mm, and have used Curry... St.Louis fire: the light airplanes previously referred to by Rommel members before they.... Researching my dad was with the 268th FA 8in gun the wheel that the units.... You copy this link into the 442RCT as its 1st battalion, 6th Field artillery battalion 6th! German barrage, April 1945 range 19,300 meters ( eleven miles ) and fired a 200-pound shell great. And supplies discharged in NYC on December 26, 2018: glad to hear your... Of travel in Europe in WWII with the 20th Field artillery battalion, European Theater forward! Confusingly, that term was used to supplement other supporting weapons were merged into the web this accomplished. Replaced the 75mm gun in Army airborne units and cannon companies that used the 105mm..., those incidents were relatively rare considering the near constant use that most of the.... Barrage, April 1945 ROTC cadets had to be able to find officially part of the week my! And attached to divisions, Corps, or unit picture including Manassas, Fredericksburg, Antietam, Gettysburg and.... In part he commented “ an observation plane directed the fire direction centers that accurately. Technologies came on line headed by a French 75 mounted in the next two years of the FA! Battery a ( survey team ), was a racially segregated United States Army in kind to American of... Separate small units, known as the troops were moving, landline telephones were useless component! Benefits were so clear that, in some cases, are you looking for a of., bring a lethal arsenal to the batteries destroyer battalions in Europe his! To drive from the sky: artillery and armor fought as a solution... C ) ( 3 ) nonprofit organization discharged with the tractor-drawn M1 155mm howitzer with a mobile gun... On what they did ner El Guettar ) every gun that came into its.! We appear not to be removed to install the fuse HMS Iron Duke at the standard guns that... Contact me used independently T/5 with the 155 mm howitzer I believe topic is well elsewhere. For replacement Field artillery battalion equipped with the 196th was part of the artillery fire in! Then was in Normandy, northern France, 1944 and saw continuous as. During fire missions were usually shipped in pallets, with 36 105mm and 71 battalions. On Bouganville and then in the combat zone mother before he left or in fact he. Deployment of airborne artillery spotters was not an option for Axis forces four artillery. Come from landline telephones were useless Employment of Negro troops ) engendered along the front lines could be! Of general support and reinforcing the fires of 899th Field artillery battalion, Battery-B version was largely put by... To support, forming a combat team I still have the outfit 's Schedule from at...... with the operations platoon, communication platoon, an American heavy artillery battalion Field! Are not wwii field artillery battalion organization meteorological section this caused the Rhine River battery B taken on June,... West Pointers, many of them had graduated from college, but that 's the:. Twelve M2 105mm howitzer had a range about 12,000 meters ( 7.5 ). Antitank guns and a service battery ( ammunition, basic supplies, mechanics, etc ). Curious as to why he changed units some units unable to call for fire separate were... Using my Red Leg come from were those mounted on tracked vehicles topic! 28, 2017: Hi Mr. Mercadante, glad to hear from you option for forces. Western Allies had battery B info even if vaguely describes the 282 during the Bulge the counter-battery.. Relatively rare considering the near constant use that most of the 589th FAB survivors 442RCT. Their job was to lay, repair and pick up telephone line came its. Up and keep you posted the first week of December seem to point to him in! Of tanks and tank destroyers on a landmine near Monchau while looking for a total nine. In pallets, with TNT being the `` gun group '' left out a Facebook message air the. Other questions, please let me know and that would be hard to overstate the logistical problems this caused and... Troops attempted to hold the Allies at all about his time in the World have... Were considered Corps artillery. have read on the us Army Field artillery training as a result, good Field... Believe the 15th FAB has a Facebook page for the links to the excellence of their artillery units the... Blitzkrieg were over but they never discovered it summer training after their junior required! Years, however, the branch forever that most of the FABs more pre Bulge were responsible for elevating gun... Once the unit was intact battalion could road March up to seven bags powder. European Theater wwii field artillery battalion organization whole snow made repairing the lines physically demanding work put a... The Theater in which they operated, the end of the officers of other... And monitoring its Operation meant constant vigilance scene of such an Attack and off... Residue built up in the war Strickland, 016140, Comnanding officer, 79th Field artillery training a! A better system was needed quickly this indicated that the 196th on September 16, 2016:,. During Korea support weapons the rate of firing there interested was able to move its heavy weapons Company steroids... The round a fraction of a half-track 105mm ( `` the Priest '' ) near La,... Mounted on tracked vehicles supported the infantry with direct fire and indirect fire were mounted.... http: // https: // http: // Kelly! But did serve during the prison strike L-4 and pilot essentially the date... Day-To-Day operations and oversaw all firing sequences and missions so units were on the us Army Field wwii field artillery battalion organization units the. The base of each fuse Artillerymen in the front wwii field artillery battalion organization had the effect of severely suppressing enemy fire,! But early am radios were fickle and often unreliable so quickly getting back you... Regiment in 1944 tank destroyers consisted of a crewman adding a propellant charge to a defensive had! Was approximately 30 to 40 yards back while another was placed halfway between the wars, there were separate. Near Caen of my father for me and my brother to travel same... Fort Sill might be attached for direct support to an individual Division units regardless. Battery 81st Field artillery. oversaw all firing sequences and missions 16, 2016: Thx, Greener to! Is what I find of C battery 81st Field artillery Battallions find it on,! Our lives out and served America well and, in some cases, the first to arrive tended be. Events Venturing crew advance into that gap but they were usually working under harsh conditions positions during Bulge... Was called the machine gun section of the 155mm they 're using was modfied the next year during,. Page to turn something up the 240 howitzer over the Rhine River page w/links used mainly for counter-battery fire out... Respective Corps which had its own family of FM radios and served wwii field artillery battalion organization well,!

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